Oracy across the Welsh curriculum

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Last year, Oracy Cambridge was commissioned to write a report entitled Oracy Across the Welsh Curriculum by the Newport Education Achievement Service and the Welsh government, to support teachers and school leaders in implementing some of the recommendations set out in Professor Graham Donaldson’s 2015 report Successful FuturesOracy Across the Welsh Curriculum was commissioned to serve three purposes:

  1. To report on a comprehensive Review of the relevant research literature relating to the development of speaking and listening skills in young people;
  2. To produce a set of Key principles derived from research evidence;
  3. To outline a set of Practical recommendations for teachers based on the research evidence and key principles.

Although this report was written with the Welsh curriculum reforms in mind, the bulk of its content is applicable to education systems throughout the world. In particular, it is hoped that this report will also be of service to the UK Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Oracy, which was established in May 2018 and which is due to report in September 2019, following a series of inquiries.

Please feel free to contact Oracy Cambridge should you have any questions relating to the report, which you can download using the link above.

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